Terms And Conditions

Conditions of Entry
Only $2 Entry / *All-DayPass to the awaiting treasure

All customers must agree to accept the following disclaimer and conditions of entry to all Jollys Auto Parts Yards.

If you do not agree, please do not enter.

Be Aware - You enter at your own risk.

Your safety is your responsibility – Think Safety First.

Management will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries received from your own actions or neglect whilst in any one of Jollys yards.

By entering any one of Jollys yards, you here-by accept and agree to the following terms and conditions. Under no circumstance will these conditions be considered or wavered.

  • No working on cars in car parks
  • No smoking or open flame allowed on site (only in designated smoking areas).
  • No alcohol or intoxication permitted on site
  • No drugs or drug use permitted on site
  • No sex or lewd conduct permitted on site
  • No thongs or open toed shoes permitted in yards
  • No Animals or Pets permitted in yards
  • No kids under 13 (unless supervised)
  • No jacks or lifting equipment to be brought into or used on site
  • No grinders or spark generating tools to be brought into or used on site
  • No stealing or theft (thieves will be prosecuted)
  • No arguments, fighting or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated (you may be banned from entry & prosecution may ensue)
  • No wilful damage to assets or property.
Management reserves the right to refuse entry or request that you leave.
Touch Screen Kiosks
Before entry to any one of Jollys Auto Parts Yards, you must use the Touch Screen Kiosks provided at the Reception Area.

By using our kiosks, you can select individual cars then check the price of their parts. You must know and accept the price of each part before you can decide whether or not to remove them, right?

The Touch Screen Kiosks also provides you, the customer important information on

  • Parts prices (accepted before removal)
  • Pricing options (Standard or No Return)
  • Parts availability (whether they’re still in stock)
  • Location of vehicles (which site they can be found at)
  • Lot numbers of vehicles (where they are situated within yards)
Conditions of Sale

Jollys Auto Parts makes no guarantee as to the condition, suitability or merchantable quality of the items you remove from any of its Self-Serve Yards. It is up to you, the customer to choose carefully and determine whether or not the parts you choose to purchase are suitable and fit for your requirements and needs.

Warranties, Refunds or Exchanges

Jollys Auto Parts does not extend warranties or refunds on untagged Self-Serve Yard items.. Warranties and refunds may only apply to tagged or warehouse stocked items (terms & conditions apply). Exchanges can only occur when items have been ‘chosen by you, the customer’ to be purchased with the ‘Exchange Option’ (see the Pricing section for further details).

Jollys Pricing Structure and Options

At Jollys Auto Parts, we aim to provide unbeatable ‘value for money’ on our parts and services. We realise that different models have different values so we price parts accordingly. We call this Model Specific Pricing.

To find pricing information for a specific vehicle, simply select the vehicle of interest from our Vehicles in the Yard list, then select the 'Click Here to check pricing' button.

You can locate parts pricing by selecting from the drop down groups as shown below.

You can choose from one of the two purchasing options

1. Standard Price (you have the Option to Exchange parts)

Purchasing with the Exchange Option (which is listed as our Standard price), means that if the part is not right for you after the time of purchase, you are free to return it within 90 days of the purchase date. The Exchange Option can only be honoured under these conditions

  • a) You must display proof of purchase by providing your original Jollys receipt for that specific part.

    b) The part must be recognizable by our sales attendants as being purchased from Jollys by its return identification code.

    c) The part must be returned in the same condition as it was purchased from Jollys originally.

    d) Exchanged for an identical part only (No refund is available).

    e) If a replacement part is not available at the time of the exchange, an instore ‘warranty credit’ will be issued to the full value of the original purchase paid.

If you do not agree with these conditions, please do not remove any parts.

You can waver this option by choosing to pay the lower, No Return Price.

2. No Return Price (no Exchange Available)

Purchasing with the No Return Price, means that you, the customer chooses to purchase the item ‘as is’. By choosing the No Return Price, you the customer accepts and agrees to the suitability and merchantability of goods chosen and to these purchasing conditions

  • a) You cannot return the item under any circumstance.

    b) You reject the option to exchange goods.

    c) You waver any opportunity for a refund.

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